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We aspire to create a globally recognized brand

We dream of a locally established global brand in the consulting, digital, outsourcing & training sectors focused on technology, skill, expertise, and innovation. We leverage leadership support service, continuous improvement, Innovation, workforce skill & talent development, and collaboration that businesses need across industries locally and globally.

We desire to offer intense industry expertise and experience that can get to the heart of business insight smoothly and extensively.

Our wants to deliver pre-eminent analysis, perspectives and insights specific to the ever-changing needs and to help recognize opportunities, capture value and create new markets.

Nazmul Haider FCMA


Nazmul is a Visionary Strategic Finance & Corporate leader developing sustainable business and high-performance Finance Operations in a very successful career spanning over 30 years with multiple S&P 500 companies. Expertise in Corporate Finance, Treasury and Strategic Management, Supply Chain Optimization. Worked with cross-cultural teams across markets in Asia Pacific, Canada and USA. A passionate believer in skill development, Nazmul coached & mentored individuals from diverse background and teams towards achieving outstanding performance and the fullest career potential. He worked with BASF, Aventis, Bata, Novartis and Perfetti Van Melle in Bangladesh, China, Mexico, and the USA. Nazmul did a master’s in Finance & Banking from Dhaka University, a Cost and Management Accountant and a Harvard Alumnus.